I like my bacon crispy, my cat likes her bacon catnippy AND crinkly. Everything is better with bacon!

Thick-Cut Bacon Cat Toy - Organic Catnip & Silvervine

  • This large "Thick Cut" Bacon cat toy is stuffed with fresh organic catnip grown here in the USA and a delightful crinkle fabric to stimulate multiple kitty senses!
    This Bacon cat toy is made using super soft, cuddly fleece. The "fat" is strips of fleece that are fused and tacked using a zigzag stitch. Once it is sewn together I stuff it with a wonderfully crinkly fabric and a bunch of fragrant organic catnip. The crinkle fabric sound is as exciting to cats as the sound of sizzling bacon is to us!

    Each Bacon measures approximately 8.75" x 2" x 0.6".I will sew and stuff each toy once I receive your order so it will be sparkly new, fresh, and fragrant, or crinkly, for your fur baby.