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Hi! I'm Shelley!

I'm the human behind Whimsily Ever After. I have always loved making and creating with my hands, from painting and knitting to drawing and baking, making is what makes me happy.

What else makes me happy?  My Cats!  I have had cats my entire life.

Here is photographic proof ---->

Drawing with one hand

and hugging my kitty, Tigger

(aka Orange) with the other.

Side Note: I'm right handed

so you can see what was

more important.


I graduated from Otis College of Art and Design with a BFA in Children's Toy Design. After over 13 years I walked away from a dream job/career designing children's toys to try my hand at being my own boss.

I left with the plan to keep designing children toys, but soon came to discover

that my cats were the ones that needed some whimsy added to their toy box.

My beloved Pebbles and Mika were my inspiration!

Now I loved spoiling Pebbles and Mika with toys but all the pet stores seemed to have as options were balls and mice.

I have a sense of humor, and I swear my cats had a sense of humor, so they needed funnier toys.

I started out making a cheeseburger, being inspired by a certain LOL cat site,

because I figured maybe my cat does want and, with my help, can have a cheeseburger!

Photographing my cats with the toys made for some pretty hilarious shots.

I started thinking, just maybe, other cat lovers would like their cats to have some funny quality toys to play with too.

Living with cats might not be the happily ever after you hear about in fairytales but they do bring Joy and Love.

BAM! Whimsily Ever After was born.

Cats want to pounce and play, why not play in a whimsy way?

At least that is what they tell me.

Pebbles with the first ever Whimsily Ever After Cheeseburger
Pebbles with a Chocolate Macaron
Mika with his signature sumersault slow motion catnip daze.
mika_banner_ Whimsily_Ever_After.jpg
Mika with the dream of Whimsily Ever After
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