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Sushi!!! Yea, your cat is gonna want these!

Cat Toy Sushi - Set of 2 - Organic Catnip & Silvervine

  • This 2 piece set includes your choice of Two Salmon Sushi (Orange), Two Tuna Sushi (Pink), Two Tamago Sushi (Yellow) or a combo of any two of the three.

    Each of the sushi's "molded ball of rice" is packed full of US grown Certified Organic Catnip and Silvervine. These sushi are sewn using a combination of fleece and/or super soft velour and have a small amount of fiberfill inside.
    Each piece measures approximately 2.75" x 1.5" x 1.25" or 65mm x 40mm x 27mm.

    I will sew and stuff each toy once I receive your order so it will be sparkly new, fresh, and fragrant for your fur baby.

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