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Celebrate Hanukkah with ALL your loved ones with this Dreidel and Gelt cat toy gift set.

Spin Spin Spin!  Give me a gimmel!

Dreidel and Gelt Cat Toy gift set

  • This listing is for One Dreidel, and Two pieces of Gelt. Each cat toy is stuffed with fresh Organic Catnip grown here in the USA.  I hand sew and use my trusty sewing machine to create these cat toys.


    All three toys are made using super soft, cuddly fleece.  The Dreidel is reinforced with felt inside to help keep its shape.  Each piece of Gelt has an embroidered Star of David in gold thread.


    The Dreidel measures approximately 2.5" x 1.5" x 1.5"

    Each Piece of Gelt measures approximately 1.5" in diameter and is about 3/8" thick


    I will sew and stuff each toy once I receive your order so it will be sparkly new, fresh, and fragrant for your fur baby.


    Wishing you a very Meowy Holiday! >^..^<

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