These Magic Meowshrooms are sure to delight your kitty! 

Featuring our Premium Blend of Silvervine and Organic Catnip!

You can pick the color or have me surprise you! I have added exciting new color options to our Meowshrooms! So now there are three families of meowshroom colors! Tie-Dye, Watercolor, and NEW! So many colors to choose from or you can always have me surprise you. I might even have a wild and crazy color combo not shown!

**Please note** Due to the handmade nature of these, and the colorful fabric I hand cut my patterns from, your Meowshroom will vary slightly from the photos** Thank you for your understanding. >^..^<

Magic Meowshrooms with Silvervine and Organic Catnip

  • Each Meowshroom measures approximately 3.25" x 3" x 3". I use an anti-pill fleece and stuff them with Fiberfill and our premium blend of silvervine and organic catnip grown here in the USA.