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In 2015 I adopted my sweet little Peaches as a kitten and she was the most playful and naughty kitty I have ever had. That first Christmas with us she inspired me to create and add Kitty Coal to my shop. Peaches will be getting many gifts this year but just to make myself happy I will also be gifting her this catnip coal in her stocking. :) I already tested it out with her and she loves it... I think that is the wrong reaction you are supposed to have for getting coal in your stocking.

Naughty Kitty Coal

  • Each piece of Coal is made using super soft black brushed fleece and filled with a bit of fiberfill and generous amounts of quality catnip. Each piece of Coal is approximately 2" x 2" x 1.625".

    I will sew and stuff each toy once I receive your order so it will be sparkly new, fresh, and fragrant for your Naughty fur baby.

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