The Snuggle Snake is a great toy if you are looking for something different.  The name already suggests it, this snake is great for snuggling.  Our kitties pass out hugging it in their paws or resting their heads on the long body after bunny kicking and flinging it around to their heart's content.  It is also a fun toy to play with your cat in a similar way you would a wand toy.  I often hold the snake by the tail and have Peaches and Chip attack the head of the snake.  They are my brave hunters!

Snuggle Snake - Organic Catnip & Silvervine

  • The Snuggle Snake is made of soft fleece and is filled with organic catnip & silvervine from head to tail, a touch of fiberfil adds a nice squishy softness. Snake measures approximately 31" x 1.5" x 1.75".